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OSHD Prepares for Livewire™

And now for something completely different.

The Livewire™ model is an exhilarating motorcycle that pushes the boundaries of performance, technology, and design in the two-wheel world.

To get ready for Livewire™ OSHD had to invest in people and facilities capable to take on the challenge of operating and servicing Electric Vehicles.  

This included installation of a two indoor AC Level Two Chargers and one customer facing DC Fast Charger in front of the store.

The Level 3 DC Fast Charger may look different than the ones you see at other dealers.  That's because it is!  Instead of the standard 24kW model recommended by the factory we took advantage of local incentive programs to install a 55kW unit capable of charging virtually all Electric Vehicles available today.  Our charger is big and it includes plugs for both North American and European EV's.  Our hope is that the charger will not just be used for Livewire™ but will be available for the public to use while they shop at OSHD.  The Level 3 charger is fast!  It will take Livewire™ to 100% charge in 60 minutes!  

In addition to new equipment we have had new training!  Two technicians and an OSHD salesperson traveled to Milwaukee early this year for a complete tear-down, rebuild and a ride on the new motorcycle.  The result:  Smiles and thumbs-up by all who attended!  

Harley-Davidson® isn't just about nostalgia.  The company has a long history of innovation and design that have kept it on the cutting edge of two wheeled design for over 100 years.  

Livewire™ is coming soon.  Come down to OSHD and check it out!

level 2 chargerOne of Two AC Level 2 Chargers in the Dealership.


8b3c893cfbf7b73f3e1786d2f1662a54_3315229373e38248.jpgOur 55kW Level 3 DC Fast Charger.