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Reflex Defensive Rider Systems is a new collection of cutting-edge technology designed to match motorcycle performance to available traction during acceleration, deceleration and braking so you can ride the open road with confidence.

RDRS is standard on all LiveWire, CVO, Police, Trike models (trike-specific RDRS), and optional for all Touring models.

  • Cornering-Enhanced Electronic Linked Braking - Stay in perfect synchronicity with applied braking effort on both wheels from either the hand lever or foot pedal.
  • Cornering-Enhanced Anti-Lock Braking System - Designed for peace of mind, ABS will make locking under braking a thing of the past, giving you total control of the road.
  • Drag-Torque Slip-Control System- Stay centered on the slickest of roads with tech that keeps the rear wheel from slipping and losing grip during deceleration.
  • Vehicle Hold Control- Set out from any hill, bridge or ramp with brake pressure engineered to keep you from rolling backward.
  • Tire Pressure–Monitoring System - Stay alert when your tire pressure gets too low so you can keep chasing after those internal highs. (Touring models only.)

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Disclaimer: Available traction is determined by the road/tire interface. RDRS features on motorcycles are only able to adjust brake pressure or powertrain torque in an attempt to keep the forces at the tire from exceeding available grip. These technologies do not have the ability to increase grip, or to intervene when the rider has not made a brake or throttle application (e.g. coasting through a corner with the clutch disengaged). RDRS features on motorcycles do not have the ability to directly influence vehicle direction. This is a key difference between motorcycle RDRS and Automotive Stability Control. The rider is ultimately responsible for speed, steering and path corrections.