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#EPIC Journey Series

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Russ' Ocean State Harley-Davidson (Warwick)

35 Albany Road
RI 02888

March 19, 2020 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Presenting #EPIC journeys from #EPIC riders.  

Mar 19th 6-8PM

This month we have two special presenters each giving a one hour presentation:

Mike Damon - Mike will be here talking about the spiritual awakening one experiences when you go out on a limb and travel long distances.  Healing by way of riding, beautiful videos of people and things and experiences along the road.  Mike will explain how he incorporates therapeutic riding into his life and how he finally learned how to help veterans and first responders around the country from the saddle of his Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

Suzy Quattrochi - Suzy will be presenting her #epic journey expounding on the adventures, trials & tribulations, people you meet, places you visit.  She will also discus the necessary road trip gear, weather, and the importance of compatible travel partners, GPS, and maps.   

Refreshments included.  

No charge for admission.

Check out these Adventure Blogs: This Nickels of the Man Blog by Tony DePaul  Tony is another local guy from RI who loves to ride.  He is also a writer who has written for the Providence Journal and has even written screen-plays.  Most motorcycle blogs are written by people who take nice pictures.  Tony's is one of the few that is written by a guy who can write!   Kinga Tanajewska is a lady rider from Poland.  She has been on many interesting rides but the one that really stands out is her Chernobyl trip: This one may get our BEST BLOG vote. By Paul Stewart, adventure riding blogger and photographer. His website is one of the more up-to-date and visually stimulating we have seen.  His articles include both the geographic places he has been and technical articles on how to do things like pack for the ride. South America and beyond with incredible pictures. Redlegs Rides:  This one has been around for a long time and is one of the more famous blogs out there. Charlie talks about his many experiences through different states from the eyes of him and his motorcycle. This one hasn't been updated in a few years but the posts that are there meet the requirement of being EPIC. By Alex Chacón, a medical student who sold all his belongings after graduating college to travel around the world on a motorcycle across 200,000+ Km, 50+ Countries, 80+ borders and 5 continents.  The different thing about Alex' blog is there is lots of video.  Alex was flying a drone before drones were cool.  A great blog if you want to watch the adventure unfold. Ok this one is different and not just because Safia Miletus; an unpredictable 20-something motorcycle nomad has pink hair.  This blog is an excellent blend of adventure travel and camping tips and tricks.  Safia is a free spirited nature girl who has figured out things like how to shower on an extended road trip and how to eat healthy over a campfire.  Stuff that dudes typically don't blog about but can make all the difference in the overall quality of a trip. Noraly is a Dutch, solo-female traveler - currently on a mission to travel the world by motorbike.  This blog is very professional.  Lots of pictures, videos, maps and stories.  You can check out Noralys rides around the world but most interestingly, she is on a ride right now from Patagonia to Alaska.  You can log in and follow Noraly's nearly daily posts to experience her ride in nearly real time! Finally, we have some folks motorcycling around the world as a couple.  Yes, adventure riding doesn't have to be a solitary endeavor.  This Swiss couple started their around the world adventure in 2017 and are still going!  Yes, some people really do have it all.  Check out the tracker on their site and sign up for updates and find out how awesome life can be if you quit your job. 

Adventurers to Follow on FB and IG: Heinz Spielvogel.  RI Hoka Hey rider. Chip Parisi.  Another RI guy who does the Hoka Hey (there are two!).  Riding in memory of all those lost on 9/11/01. 450,000 miles across our beautiful country, being a positive light, life is awesome. Apparently dogs can be adventure riders too!  Chris is a fun rider to follow around the Americas. Shawn Thomas is a winner of the BMW Motorrad- Emcee for 2020 GS Trophy and BMW Brand Ambassador.  His IG is epic. Raul' .... How does one live such an epic life?  This IG feed has everything from sketchy stream crossings to above tree line glacial till shredding.  And the bike somehow stays clean and new looking.  Definite inspiration.

#EPIC Journey Series
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